Friday, November 8, 2013

The Almighty

The Almighty
Your ecstatic essence I make out vide
Your unassailable eternal presence
Your unique compassion I feel from
Your unrivaled robust comport
While I was greatly under par
You came as knight in shining armor
While I was weeping with weariness
You came as convincing consoler
You were my invincible trouble shooter
When troubles shot me up into conundrum
You were my parson of aspiration
When soul yelled for a piece of peace
In the form of chow, in the form of chum
In the form of waft, in the form of haven
In the form of amity, in the form of brood
In the form of consort and in the form of comfort
When life taught a lesson, you set me listen
I knew, you were and are with me always
What would have been I if you had not been there?
No way to fret for, if you with me for eternity
Be with me always please be pride and JOY of my verve
Be the light of my soul and be the navigator of my sail
-JOY Guruvayoor

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